Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Few More Custom Order Projects

My Partner and I know that many of our customers like different things, for example the size, colour, shape and even the degree of sparkly and shininess.  That's why we cater to our customers, we met their deadlines and their requests, making their order unique and special.

These Scottish Terrier dogs, some of which are custom order projects, range from 2-4cm in length, 1-2cm in width and 1.5cm-3.5cm in height.  This particular customer likes this breed of dog and asked us how many different ways there was to make a Scotty and wanted them all.

Now this family of chicken was a special order, the customer wanted all sorts of different colors and sizes for this project.  This is only a portion of the order, we're still working on the other colors.

Also I've uploaded a few more pictures in our photo album, take a look.

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