Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Display

Yesterday, we finally had a chance to meet and fix up our display.  Since it was raining out, there wasn't that many people in the shop, so that gave us the time and space we needed.  It did take us a while though, but we got most of what we want done.  We also had a chance to take pictures of some of our products.

Here is the "Before" picture of our cube display, this display consists of most of our Teddy Bear Family.  It looks kind of plain, that's only because we didn't have enough time to do much the first time around, the shop was too busy then.

 This is our Teddy Bear Family again, only now with a better background.

These are the small and larger size "Shiny Teddy Bears".

Here are the small and larger size "Metallic Teddy Bears".

And this is how we left our display case for now, we ran out of time to take more pictures.  Next time we'll be taking close ups of our bracelets, and phone charms, hearts, cubes, spheres, horses.

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