Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Little Business

A little while ago a friend of mine introduced me to a little shop on Queen St.  They had a cool business concept, which I was told originated from Japan,  the idea is called "Cube Shop".  What happens is that you would rent a "Cube", kinda like a display case, and place things in it to sell. 
Anyways, my friend and I, we started thinking, we like to make things, charms out of crystal beads to be exact and people have always asked us if we would sell any of our stuff, maybe it's time we did. 
We decided on "Sparkly Little Treasures" to be our name.  We've already placed a couple of our products in our "Cube", but we still have yet to do some proper display designs.  But of course, we do special requests, custom orders too.

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